Black Lava

Dedicated to the dramatic volcanic expression of newly created black sand beaches, this glorious salt is dark and sexy.

Elegant in flavor and presentation it provides the right accompaniment for grilled meats,crusted fish and salads.

Ingredients: Solar evaporated sea salt,
activated charcoal

Volcano Black Lava
8 oz(226.8g) $5.99

Packed by:
Pacifica Hawaii Salts

Pacifica Hawaii Fusion Corporation
PO Box 1991, 379 Kolapa Place
Kaunakakai, HI 96748




Red Alaea

Originating when salt was harvested from Red Alaea clay pans leaving traces of the valuable minerals on the salt. Then more of the highly prized clay was added to this salt proving invaluable in many Hawaiian uses.

Delicious and flavorful it is ideal for fish, pork and fresh vegetables.

Ingredients: Solar evaporated sea salt,
Red Alaea, Natural color

Volcano Red Alaea
8 oz(226.8g) $5.99

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